Extra help, when you need it

We help you make more effective and efficient decisions, as strategic extensions of your team

With on demand advice, open ended support, frequent consultation, and help with questions that are often ambiguous in nature

For Investors

We are discreet, trusted advisors, having served private equity and venture capital investors on hundreds of investment research and due diligence projects.  Our unique set of industry experiences provides thoughtful perspectives on fintech, brokerage, crypto, open source, security, cloud, IoT, data, and AI technologies, consistently covering the technology in accessible terms and imparting informative business insights across markets, competition, risks, threats, disruptions, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

For Entrepreneurs

We love to support entrepreneurs and startup founders, along with their product, engineering, sales, support, and marketing teams.  We assist founders and leadership teams working through common product and go-to-market questions faced by many early-stage companies, digging deep into product strategies unique to each situation.

For Enterprises

Established, public and private corporations face their own product challenges, evolving organizational structures, changing market conditions, technology disruptions, stakeholder conflicts, shareholder demands, and more.  In many of these cases, fresh perspectives from an experienced point-of-view, coupled with some rigorous process reviews and improvements will revive an engine that's not hitting on all cylinders.

We help you do more with less, as tactical additions to your team

With outcome-focused partnerships that deliver specific needs, answer direct questions, and include directly measurable results

Staff Augmentation

Some of our clients need part-time, fractional leadership, or even just an extra set of hands, for their product, go-to-market, technical-sales, and customer success teams, on a temporary basis.  We are happy to act as force-multipliers, and help you do more with less.


One-off product management training and multi-day workshops are available, and sometimes provide a more accessible on-ramp to introducing more dynamic process changes to an otherwise resistant organization.